VIKING Silver RAVEN Penny 939-941 AD

VIKING Silver RAVEN Penny 939-941 AD

$35.00 USD - $320.00 USD

Traditionally Made, Hand-Struck from Hand Engraved dies.
Struck in: 999 Silver.
Average size: 18-20mm.
Weight: SAM = about 4 - 5 grams. (Traditional 1.5 - 2 grams) or gold. 3.11, or 1/10th ozt 24k gold.
Not a casting.

Pieces struck for pendant are struck on extra thick planchets for durability and long life.

This is the only high quality reproduction of this extremely rare 30,000$ coin on the market.


Anlaf Guthfrithson, Hiberno - Norse VIKING Raven penny. Approx size of US Nickel l (18-19mm) depending on strike. These were large thin coins.

This coin is struck in .999 Silver, and modeled directly after the extremely rare 939-941 AD Viking Coin of Anlaf Guthfrithson that depicts the Raven associated with Norse God Oden. Large planchet type, with sharper better detailed Raven.

This coin is perfect for wear as a pendant (see photo example) next to your Thor's Hammer, or in place of one. It can be a lucky pocket piece or just a great collectors round unlike any offered anywhere.
Struck on thicker planchets in pure .999 silver for extra durability and long life.
This is the first hammer struck museum quality replica ever offered. See a photo of the coining die and clay impression in listing. (Die is not included)
The details are sharply struck and exactly like the rare original.

Unlike modern day cast replicas. Each coin is unique, as every single coin struck is a little different in strike and size and our coins do not have that flat bubbly surface of wax injection cast pieces. We offer only high quality artisan made pieces by hand.
This is artisan minting at its finest.
Weight of the coin offered in this listing vary from 3-5 grams.
The original coins being thin and of about 1.40 grams + or -
Our gold version is struck in 1/10th ozt pure gold.

Comes in your choice of Aged Finish (shown) or mint struck silver.
Can be holed for wear, or just as the coin as shown in the photos.

All our replicas are legal artisan interpretations and are copyright 2015 Saint Augustine Mint.
Do NOT Cast copy. Do NOT try to pass these off as the real thing.
All coins come with a discreet marking making them legal replicas.

Since these pieces are die struck, by hammer blow. Strikes are limited. When the dies wear out. That's it.

ALL our replica's are marked with a small indiscreet copy mark. You may chose which side you like the copy mark on. No marking on the sides.
Let us know in the notes after purchase where you would like the copy stamp. And we will put in there for you.
Otherwise it will default to be inside the legend of the cross side of the coin.


VIKING Silver RAVEN Penny 939-941 AD Image 2 VIKING Silver RAVEN Penny 939-941 AD Image 3 VIKING Silver RAVEN Penny 939-941 AD Image 4
VIKING Silver Penny: 941-944, Triquetra & Tattered Flag.
$20.00 USD - $35.00 USD
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