Potosi Bolivia: 1690 "VR" 8 Reales, Treasure Cob

Potosi Bolivia: 1690 "VR" 8 Reales, Treasure Cob

$60.00 USD - $100.00 USD

1690, Potosi Mint, 8 Reales. Recreated with stunning accuracy and attention to detail. Modeled after an original Spanish 8 Reales Cob dated 1690, this coin is struck in 1ozt 999 fine silver by hand from two modern hand sunk dies.
Each coin is produced by pouring a strap of silver, then divided and the blanks are cut, hammered then struck. Because of this process, each coin will vary in shape size and appearance. Please allow for slight variation.

Your choice of a traditional strike, as struck (this is not the sharp strike, but a standard cob style strike) with date with or without an aged appearance.
Sharp Strike. This is more details on the coin, such as legend and a more modern strike. Aged or mint struck
in your choice of 1 ozt (31.1 grams) bullion weight, or the traditional 27.2+ grams.

These coins are made to order so also please allow for 1-2 days processing. We will ship as quickly as possible.
The photos provided are an example of how the average coins look with a sharp strike.

Perfect for treasure hunts, bullion, presentation pieces and gifts.

All replica coins are legally marked. It is a very small and indiscreet marking. Please do not attempt remove the copy mark, cast copy or pass these off as the real thing.

Potosi Bolivia: 1690 "VR" 8 Reales, Treasure Cob Image 2 Potosi Bolivia: 1690 "VR" 8 Reales, Treasure Cob Image 3
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