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First Look at the NEW Spanish Treasure Cob gold Doubloon, Reproduction. A classic Santa fe de Bogota, 1710 2 Escudos that is the most popular gold cob coin found among the wreckage of the 1715 Fleet. 1715 Fleet: Gold Doubloon Reproduction Mexico City, 1711 Gold Escudo "Royal" Test Strike. First Look. Last video of the first test strike Royal. Had to melt it down so wanted to keep a good memory of it. Love love love it! More to come tho, as I am striking right now. Lima, Peru: 1719 Gold Escudo. First look at the touched up dies. Lima Mint: 1719. 1 Escudo, Gold Treasure Cobs. Reproduction of the beautiful, yet simplistic Peruvian gold cobs issued during the reign of king Philip V under assayer "M". 1/10ozt 22kt. Or 3.41 grams. These are the 2015 series that we recently retouched the dies for. They look so much nicer than before, and now instead of scrapping the dies in place of the 1717 issue, will now (for the foreseeable future anyway) keep them as part of the Peruvian gold Escudo series available thru our mint. Striking a Viking Raven Penny. It took more than one hammer blow to get the coin that sharp! Store is now open! We are taking orders as of July 16th (2 days earlier than we previously announced). Side note. This coin was struck many many times vs the one strike in the video - we only have so many seconds to share a video. But yeah. This is, how it's done. #SAMCOINS Hammer Striking, Spanish Treasure Cob reproductions for the 300th Anniversary of the 1715 Fleet. Wow! Video clip from 2014 of the then new Potosi dies. This was right after I retired from making coin rings for half my life. Had just scrapped the first and original 1691s. Look how fresh and BIG those dies were! Amazing they have lasted this long. They took a brutal beating for 5 years. And good grief I was hitting it 6 times hot! Have a better hammer now. Learned a thing or two as well. ;) #strikingcoins #makingcoins #coinmakingmethod #coinmaking #saintaugustinemint #staugustinemint #unreal #bullion #samcoins # Hot Die Sinking. Not a common practice for us here, as we sink all our dies cold. But sometimes, a little heat is needed to sink a carved design into the dies. Its hard, its hot but it works. Hot Die Sinking. Stamping each design element one by one into steel die stock. #SaintAugustineMint #StAugustineMint #SAM #coindies #Artisan #coinmint #SATC #SAMCOINS