We are the only traditional coining mint in North America that produces its own dies, and stamps its own coins the exact same way it was done for hundreds of years before the birth of Pantograph, or modern CNC technology.ย 

Modern Museum Reproductions.ย 

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Might look or seem easy, but lining up a coin without a collar is extremely difficult to do.

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The coins produced at St. Augustine Mint, are all struck using dies that were hand sunk by our master die sinker. Each coin die is made exactly the same way the originals were made. Our carver / engraver, takes authentic coins, which are studied in hand and each element of that coin is copied by carving punches (stamps) to 99% exact perfection, then those elements are hand stamped into the coining dies. This process is what gives our museum reproductions their authentic look. Not only in their features, sharpness and metal displacement details, but they allow us to make hammer struck coins such as "cobs" in every size, shape and strike imaginable.ย 

Modern cast copies are cheap, and let's face it. They never look good. Which is disappointing. None of our coins are made from modern casting.ย 

Punches Used To Create Our Dies.ย 

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This past few months has been absolutely insane the last couple weeks especially so, as I write this my mother-in-law is being checked into the ER and as of two days ago I lost an uncle in Vero beach. with all thatโ€™s been going on itโ€™s been hard to find time to really do anything creative, but I found a few minutes to do so and was able to record a minute of it, which I am sharing here. I hope everyone is well and staying safe. #samcoins

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Various Punches available. Will be adding to website this weekend. If youโ€™re looking for hand cut stamps / punches for silver bars. Etc. Youโ€™ll want to check that out. Every single punch was hand done. Prices will vary. there is also loads of positive to negative letter punches as well. #SamCoins

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