Santa Fe de Bogotá. 2 Escudos (Doubloon). 1715 Fleet.

$26.50 - $660.00
Santa Fe de Bogotá. 2 Escudos (Doubloon). 1715 Fleet.

1715 Fleet Gold Doubloon Reproduction. Hand sunk dies and hammer struck, exactly like the originals. <\B><\I>
Easily the most recognizable gold cob Doubloon found on the Spanish 1715 Feet. Is the Colombian gold 2 Escudos struck at Santa Fe de Bogota. These simple designed cobs were struck on thick, chunky planchettes in 22k gold with a traditional weight of 6.8 grams. (Modern weight of 7.77 or 1/4 ozt). These cobs show a simple cross inside a Quatralobe, with a lilly flower, or Fluer de Lis inside each quadrant with large ringlets outside with the legend followed by an outter border of pellets. The obverse shows a simple shield with simple crown, and transposed lions and castles left, Naples and Sicily right with Flanders and Tirol below inside a small shield flanked by X’s. The legend on these coins read Carlos II until 1715. Even though these were struck during the reign of King Philip V.

Specs: Traditional Strike
Santa Fe de Bogota. Colombia.
2 Escudos
Assayer: Arce
Reign: Carlos II (posthumous)
Weight: 6.8 grams
Gold: 91.7% (22k)
Specs Modern Strike:
Weight: 7.77 Grams or 1/4ozt
Gold: 22K, or 24K. (91.7, or 24K)

Hand hammer struck from hand sunk dies. Not a casting. No two are identical.
Ideal for nautical bezel pendants, jewelry and bullion that looks like real treasure.
Available in 24k (.9999) or 22k (91.7%).
Traditional weight or modern Troy ozt.

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