New England, Massachusetts: "NE" 3 & 6 Pence. NOE-1a.

New England, Massachusetts: "NE" 3 & 6 Pence. NOE-1a.

$12.00 USD - $20.00 USD

New England, Massachusetts Bay Colony. Reproduction.
“NE” series.
1652, Six (VI) Pence.
Type: NOE-1a

Punch Struck. On hand cut planchette.
Pure Silver, .9999
2.40 grams (original weight).

Monogram "NE" for New England at top.

180 degree / coin turn

Denomination "VI" for Six (6) Pence at top.
2.4 grams

The NE pieces represent coin-making in its most basic and historic form: punching simple elements into a blank piece of metal to provide the location of origin (NE for New England), and the denomination of value (”VI“ for six pence).

Authentic examples of these simple silver coins struck by the Massachusetts bay colony are incredibly rare today, as the moneyers quickly adopted a new design (a motif of trees starting with the so called willow tree) to prevent clipping and shaving. As basic as these coins are, they were literally the first coins ever struck on American soil and the very first colonial coins ever produced. So they are highly sought after today, yet unfortunatly a collector is unlikely to ever even see one in person, let alone own one.
We created these reproductions with the collector in mind. They are museum quality pieces, made with faithful dedication down to the finest detail. They will make an excellent addition to any collection.
We also offer the 3 and 12 pence denominations as well to complete the entire series of these famous first issues. As well, we offer a faithful reproduction of the famed large planchet Pine Tree Shilling for those who wish to own a copy of the early tree series coins.
The Six Pence shows "VI", the Three Pence shows "III" and the Twelve shows "XII".
Every single element of our dies and stamps were hand-made exactly the same as the originals.
These are NOT castings, and each coin will vary slightly in its shape and strike - so please allow for slight variations like the originals.

Mint struck: The coin directly off the die. No toning. Just brilliant silver.
Aged: A patina is added to the coin to give it the feel of a coin that is as old as the date upon it.
Satin: A blanched Satin, or Matte finish.

As always, you can customize your coin(s) exactly how you want it. If you wish for a gold or copper planchet. To create a double strike, error, larger silver button, bar, or if you wish to mix and match dies to create a custom coin.
We can help you make it. Just send us an email!

New England, Massachusetts: "NE" 3 & 6 Pence. NOE-1a.  Image 2 New England, Massachusetts: "NE" 3 & 6 Pence. NOE-1a.  Image 3
New England, Massachusetts (NE): 1652 ~ 12 Pence / Shilling. NOE-1a.
$30.00 USD
Massachusetts: 1652 Colonial New England, Pine Tree Shilling. Large Planchet.
$30.00 USD - $635.00 USD
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