Mexico: 1711, Gold Escudo. "Crosslets & Ermines".  1/10th ozt.

Mexico: 1711, Gold Escudo. "Crosslets & Ermines". 1/10th ozt.

$20.00 USD - $365.00 USDOn sale

1715 Fleet Collection.
Museum Quality Hammer Struck reproduction. Traditionally made using the exact same traditional die sinking, planchette production and minting practices employed by the original Spanish colonial mints of that period, guaranteed! Struck in your choice of solid 22K or 24k gold (for other karats, or to have your own gold struck, please contact us)
Style: Between 1711-1713, Mexico designed two new reverse types for their gold coinage. Of the two, this one, was very unique in that it had a cross-crosslets design, and in place of the typical Fleur de Lis, replaced it with ermines! This was unique, as the ermine had never been used on any coin struck in the Spanish colonies before this point. In heraldry, the ermine is a type of “fur” representing the winter coat of a stoat (a type of weasel), with white fur and a black tipped tail. It's conventional heraldic representation has three tufts at the bottom, which converge to a point at the top which is attached by three studs. This device was common during the reign of the Catholic kings; Ferdinand & Isabella. But was always used as a small device. Whereas the Mexican gold escudos of 1711-1713, boldly used them as central devices, inside a cross that had also only previously been used as a small device, typically as the final stop within the reverse legend on gold and silver coinage. This beautiful design, was wrapped inside a "celtic" cross like, quatrelobe. With four crescents connecting to four bars.
Unlike cheap cast copies these professionally made, artisan coins have no dull or muddy features. Each coin is crisp and sharp, so that every detail pops. And unlike cast copies, no two coins are ever the same in shape, size or strike. Making each coin 100% unique to only you! These are ideal pieces for jewelry, museums and collectible artisan bullion.

24K (.9999) Gold.
3.11 grams, or 1/10th ozt.
22K (.917) Gold.
3.4 grams, contains 1/10th ozt pure gold.
Fully rounded, with complete impression of the die. Limited Edition!
Struck in 22K Solid Gold, with a weight of 3.4 grams. These special strikes, are our most popular strike of these issues, so get one before they are gone!

The special limited edition 1715 Fleet commemorative strikes contain an alloy of 22K gold, with 100% authentic 1715 Fleet, 8 reales, coin silver recovered from the 1715 fleet. These coins have a very strict limit of 10 pieces. And each one is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Email us, to get yours. Or watch our special deals.
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Mexico: 1711, Gold Escudo. "Crosslets & Ermines".  1/10th ozt.  Image 2 Mexico: 1711, Gold Escudo. "Crosslets & Ermines".  1/10th ozt.  Image 3 Mexico: 1711, Gold Escudo. "Crosslets & Ermines".  1/10th ozt.  Image 4 Mexico: 1711, Gold Escudo. "Crosslets & Ermines".  1/10th ozt.  Image 5
1715 Fleet: Mexico 8 Reales, dated 1715.
$30.00 USD - $65.00 USD
Bogotá, Colombia. 1710, 2 Escudos (Doubloon). Carlos II.
$30.00 USD - $660.00 USD
Potosi Bolivia: 1690 "VR" 8 Reales, Treasure Cob
$60.00 USD - $100.00 USD
$100.00 USD
1711: Mexico, 1 Escudo. "Crescents". 1/10th ozt Gold.
$320.00 USD - $365.00 USD — On sale
Lima Peru, 1719 GOLD Escudo Reproduction 1/10th ozt
$20.00 USD - $320.00 USD — On sale
Potosi Bolivia: 1733 "YA" 4 Reales Treasure Cob
$25.00 USD - $30.00 USD
Potosi Mint: 1697 "CH" 1 Real Spanish Treasure Cob
$20.00 USD - $649.00 USD
Potosi Mint: 1681 "V" Half Real, Spanish Treasure Cob
$10.00 USD
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