Potosi Bolivia: 1733 "YA" 4 Reales Treasure Cob

Potosi Bolivia: 1733 "YA" 4 Reales Treasure Cob

$25.00 USD - $30.00 USD

Spanish Colonial: Potosi Mint, Pillars and Waves Design, "YA" Hammer Struck Replica.
Dated 1733 with rare assayer mark "YA" - Francisco de Yllana. Series 1.
Hand struck from hand sunk dies on a traditional cob planchet.
1/2 ozt. 999 Silver.

These coins are made to order, so please allow for some variance in shape size and strike. All coins will include a date and assayers mark. You can pick from an aged appearance or mint struck (new). Simply check the options in the drop down menu.

Your choice of a traditional strike, as struck (this is not the sharp strike, but a standard cob style strike) with date with or without an aged appearance - your choice.
Sharp Strike. This is more detail on the coin struck so is clear to see and read. It is a more modern style strike and more care and attention to the detail goes into it. We align them with an UP/UP orientation in the sharp strike pieces.
You can chose your finish. Aged or mint struck
in your choice of 1 ozt (31.1 grams) modern bullion weight, or the traditional 13.4+ grams of the originals.

Cobs of this period are typically very crudely struck on thick planchets. They are great for pendants.

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All our coins are replica coins are marked with a small discreet "copy" stamp in accordance with US - HPA law.
You may chose the side you want this stamp on and where you want it placed. But not the sides.

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Potosi Bolivia: 1733 "YA" 4 Reales Treasure Cob Image 2
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