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Potosi Heart - "Heart of Saint Augustine" 1 Real, Silver Pendant.

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Image of Potosi Heart - "Heart of Saint Augustine" 1 Real, Silver Pendant.

Potosi, 1 Real
1697 "CH".
Charles II

The mystery of the famous Spanish Colonial heart cobs, struck at the Potosi mint was finally discovered and explained at the Potosi Convention this October. They were made for the devotion of Saint Augustine. The flaming heart was his saintly symbol. Discovered by researcher Daniel Bernardo Oropeza Alba. This fantastic mystery finally solved, will be fully revealed in a article next year in April as part of a book that will be published in the Congress in Potosi. It will be in Spanish. But, translations will come no doubt.
At the time, he was the patron to the city of Potosi. And thus, we have our answer! It was there all along in our faces. As a native to the town of St. Augustine, Florida. I knew that one of his symbols was a flaming heart. Funny I never connected the dots. But, we did however make the Potosi Heart one of our small business icons. And it is what we started with. Before all the treasure cobs, we were producing Heart Shaped Cobs, for the Love of our St. Augustine. So. Here is your chance to create your own heart shaped cob in the 1 Real Size.

Reproduction. Hammer struck and traditionally cut from poured silver bars, then specially trimmed into a lovely heart for wear as a pendant.

The heart shaped cobs of Bolivia are well known in the numismatic world to collectors of Macuquinas. Produced in the mint, as Ex Voto pieces, or offerings by request of merchants to sell. Heart cobs are so incredibly rare today that a simple authentic 1 Real heart cob would set you back up to 10 grand.
This is a great way to own and wear something that is as close to the real thing as most people will ever get. It is the perfect piece for collectors, pirate cos players and treasure seekers.
Fully customizable the way you want it cut, and worn.
Comes standard with a thick gauge sterling silver jump ring, or for a simple 15$ upgrade on a nautical shackle bail.

The heart cob pendant can be in 925 silver or your choice of 999 Silver.
Each piece is hammer struck from hand sunk reproduction dies. So allow for some variance like the real cobs.

Please note the new shipwreck effect, takes a few days to complete and is available in 925 Silver only.
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