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A. Six(6) Spanish Cobs lot. All struck in 925 (Sterling Silver). Three 4 Reales. Two potosi 1733 and one 1715 Mexico.
One 2 Reales “Yoke and Arrows” Seville Mint. 1590s.
Two Potosi 1697 1 Reales. One std strike one “Royal”.
One Potosi, 1717 Philip V 1/2 Real. Test strike.
A total of 53.96 grams Sterling Silver. The look, feel and ping of authentic cobs, in these hammer struck reproductions.
112$ (SOLD)

B. Mexico. 1734, “Klippe” 8 Reales. Philip V. 17.77 grams. 925. Vliegenthart Shipwreck Replica. 60$ There is only 1 (one). Do NOT buy multiples because there is only the single one. Once it is sold, then the listing will end.

C. Potosi: 1669, 1/2 Real. “E”. Carlos II. “Saint Augustine” of Potosi, “Potosi Heart Cut”.
Struck in .999 Silver. The only mint in the Spanish Colonies to produce the famed Potosi Hearts, was Potosi. These hearts were made after the cities patron Saint, Saint Augustine. His saintly symbol that of a flaming heart. In fact this became so popular that, Potosi adopted the flaming heart into all its saints......
The real hearts are rare, and extremely costly. But their beauty even in reproductions is recognizable across the world.
20$ + SH.

D. Lima: 1710, Escudo die. Obverse side.
This was a test die. Never used. A great piece for a collector who wants to show a coining die.
Castle, flanked by L (Lima) and H (Francisco Hurtado) with 710 below. Inside a border of pellets. Made in 2015.