Spanish Colonial ROYAL cob coinage

Spanish Colonial ROYAL cob coinage

No Spanish colonial cob coinage is more coveted and renown then the “Royal”.
These remarkable coins were the very best that the Spanish colonial mints could produce at the time.
Unlike cob coinage, the Royal (called a “Galano” by Spanish mint officials), were very carefully struck on specially prepared round planchets and often by special dies created and intended for this purpose.
The resulting coins showing the entirety of the coins design in sharp and magnificent detail, which was just not found upon the quickly made cob coinage.
Produced in small numbers, with the majority of which being smaller denominations as that was the common coinage among the colonials and used in day to day transactions, while the 8 reales were typically produced for shipment back to old Spain where they would be melted and converted into new coin.
However the “Royal” coinage had special purpose. These coins were made and used by the mints themselves to gain favor from government officials and tax collectors by paying in handsome coin. Samples were also offered to merchants who wished to transform their raw bullion into round coinage, but for a higher cost than the standard cob.
These coins are rare today. Only a handful of collectors will ever get to own a Royal (Galano) above the half real denomination. The 8 reales Royal is the holy grail of these coins. And for Mexico City mint and 1715 Fleet collectors perhaps the most coveted is the 1715, MoJ 8 reales as only two are known to exist today. These coins, were struck right in the middle of the transitional period at Mexico City, where the new “Neat New Style” coinage design was being finalized.

We are offering a Mexico City, 1715 8 Reales “Royal”, in the Neat New Style design of early 1715. The very same design that was found on the 1715 Fleet.
The coin is struck in pure .9999 fine silver at one Troy ounce (31.1) grams and comes in three basic finishes.
Mint struck

As you check out, simply select the finish you would like your Royal to be have.
Each coin comes with a limited edition certificate and insert.
The series is limited to 100 pieces. After which no more will be struck.

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