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Lima: 1568 8 Reales "Drake's, Pieces of Eight" Treasure Cob

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Image of Lima: 1568 8 Reales "Drake's, Pieces of Eight" Treasure Cob

The first dollar coin of South America. Struck in Lima, Peru for just 2 short years, from 1568 to 1570 and in limited quantities. Produced under the tenure of Alonso de Rincon, during the reign of Philip II. It was the first large peso (dollar) coin of South America.
These coins show the the famous early design of Pillars and Waves, with the classic Motto across reading "Plus Ultra" (more beyond).
Coins like this were likely struck for taxes and the treasure fleets returning to Spain. This coin was re-created in 2015 to give bullion collectors a unique piece of eight that is rarely seen. Hot struck in .999 Silver at 27.2 grams traditionally. But we offer this piece here with a modern troy oz weight of 31.1 grams. Unlike the cobs that came later, these coins were round and difficult for the mints to produce at the time. We have found the same is true for us here. They are not an easy coin to strike. But they are worth it as they add that early Spanish Colonial feel, as well as the type of coinage that was plundered by the early pirates of the Caribbean, Pacific and South American waters. Such as Sir Francis Drake. Therefor, we gave this piece the name as "Drakes Eight" as it is a coin he surely handled when he took the Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion, or CacaFugeo (yes, it's nickname was literally Fire Shitter) a 120 ton Spanish Galleon that sailed the trading route between Peru and Panama in the 16th century. The ship became famous in maritime history as it became, Sir. Francis Drakes most famous prize as he sailed up the Pacific upon his ship "The Golden Hind".
Drake took the CacaFugeo on March 1st, 1579 off the coast of Ecuador. Once Drake took the ship, he sailed both ships to a secluded stretch of coast and unloaded the treasure. That night, he dined with the Spanish officers, and then safely offloaded his captives and awarded each sailor a gift appropriate to their rank as well as letters of safe conduct.
The prize he took, was the first known act of piracy along the Pacific coast. The exact amount of treasure Drake took is not known, but what is known, is that it was massive.
Imagine, chests of silver with coins of this very type worth today five to six figures. WOW. These coins are so rare today, that even the most serious and persistent collectors of Spanish Colonial coinage, will never own one, yet alone see one.
So we had to create a reproduction of this famed coin.

You may chose between the looks of Mint Struck (shiny and new), Aged (contrasted with greys and darker patinas) or "sea salvaged" (a heavy black with some blues and browns).

You may also choose the weight you wish the coin to be struck in. 27.2 grams, or 31.1 grams .999 Silver.

If you would like the coin holed with a sterling silver jump ring and black adjustable necklace, you may also add that for an additional cost.

Each coin is marked with a small discreet "copy" mark, on the front or back of the coin (you may pick where you want this placed) and a .999 upon its edge (optional). If you do not wish for the .999 mark, just say so in the comments of your purchase.