Lima Gold Escudo 1719 Replica - 1/10th ozt Gold

$20.00 - $356.00
Lima Gold Escudo 1719 Replica - 1/10th ozt Gold


Reproduction, of the rare and beautiful Peruvian gold cobs from 1719, that no doubtably circulated among pirates during the golden age of piracy - that this coin is dated for. 1719 was the very year, famed pirates Calico Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny met and fell in love in New Providence. They would become two of the most well known names in piracy shortly after, flying under the famous "Jolly Roger" flag that is seen everywhere today. The couple were no doubtably lured by the promise of Spanish Gold, just like this that was being carried from the New World to Spain on a yearly basis on the Spanish treasure fleets, and by merchant traders in the Caribbean. Worth exactly two pieces of eight, it was the smallest gold cob denomination ever produced.
The Obverse, showing a castle, flanked by the mint mark "L" left, assayers mark "M" right, three digit date (1)719 below, a shining star of magi above and "blood tears" arching beside all inside a border of pellets.
The Reverse, showing a thick Jerusalum cross, ornamented by flowers surrounded by a quatra lobe decorated with three pellets where each intersect all inside a border of pellets.
Like the originals, these coins are hammer struck, from hand sunk coin dies, re-created in near perfect detail. And like the originals, no two are ever the same in shape, size or strike. This coin is offered in your choice of 1/10th ozt 22k gold, or 24K Gold. There is even an option for a 1/10th ozt .999 fine silver strike if your project calls for it.
This coin is perfect for nautical jewelry, such as pendants, earrings, bracelets or rings as its size is about the same size as a US dime.
For the treasure bullion collectors, it is the smallest gold coin we currently offer. It is a fractional with the exact same treasure feel as the others.

-Method of Creation: Hand Sunk Dies, with some engraving. (Castle)
- Hammer Struck, in 3.4 Grams 22k Gold, or Silver.
- Size ~ 19-21mm
- If ordering as modern Bullion, 1/10th ozt fine .9999 (24k) Gold.
- Just like the originals, each is hand hammer struck, so please allow for slight irregularity and variance from the product photos shown here.

These coins are stamped with a small copy mark. You may pick where you would like this mark placed by adding it in the notes at checkout. By default this mark will be placed upon the side of the coin.

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