1711: Mexico, 1 Escudo. Combed / Harped Quatralobes. 1/10th ozt Gold.

$356.00 - $365.00
1711: Mexico, 1 Escudo. Combed / Harped Quatralobes. 1/10th ozt Gold.

Rare and famous design of the early Original Style Bourbon gold coinage of Philip V from Mexico City. The "Combed" or "Harped" quatralobe variety. This type, was created in 1711 with only 2 die known die variants in the denomination. The reverse design also appears briefly in 1712, by reusing the previous years dies. One of the toughest denominations to find from any mint, is the 1 Escudo as the most common denominations struck were 2 Escudos or "Doubloons" - as that was all that was permitted to be struck until 1679. And even thereafter was still the most common denomination manufactured.
Each coin is made using the exact same techniques employed by the original die sinkers of the
Mexico City Mint during the original period and hand hammer struck in solid 22K or 24k gold, so unlike cast copies these coins have no dull muddy features and no two are ever the same in shape, size or strike. Making these pieces ideal for jewelry, museums and film props. They are also a great addition to any bullion collection for that authentic treasure feel.
The strict steps taken to create these modern reproductions are exactly the same as the original mint moneyers - which was a highly guarded secret that we worked for years to understand and master. Every single element upon the coins (letters, castles, lions etc) were made by hand in a painstaking process that takes 3 months to complete the set and dies - which has also given us more insight into how long it took the original mints to do the same.

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